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I've been bullied at school

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Hey Alex, i have no friends and I’ve been bullied in school. Can you help? Thanks


Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out to Ask Alex. You have told you that you are being bullied and we are very sorry to hear this. You are very brave to reach out for support. It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this, school can be a very tricky place for many people and there are ways to make it better. 

Have you spoken to someone about the bullying? You have the right to feel safe in school and bullying is not ok. Do you have a trusted adult in your life you can talk to? Maybe a teacher, a parent, or a sports coach. The adult in your life can help you navigate reporting the bullying to your school and support you in finding solutions which work for you.  

Many people feel isolated and alone, especially when they have experienced bullying. Maybe making friends outside of school could help you gain back your confidence and learn a new skill. With the school summer holidays here in Ireland, this could be a great opportunity to try new things. Consider joining summer camps or local community events. These activities not only help you learn new skills but also provide a chance to meet new people in a relaxed environment. It’s a wonderful way to spend your holidays and might help you make some lasting friendships. Here is another article that you may like to read 

Childline is here for you 24/7. You can talk to someone who will listen and support you without judgment. Whether you need someone to talk to or want to explore your options, Childline is just a call or click away. You deserve to feel safe and loved, and there are people who can help you make that happen. You can phone us for free on 1800 66 66 66 or have a web chat with us through Messenger at, just click the purple chat circle. The team is here 24-hours a day, every day, waiting to support you. 

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