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Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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Is tomato to a fruit of a vegetable because I think it’s fruit but daddy thinks it’s a vegetable but I like all fruit but not tomatoes


Thank you for contacting Ask Alex with your question. This can be a tricky question to find the right answer to because there are two different ways to think about tomatoes, and both are considered correct. 

If we think about where tomatoes come from, they are technically fruit. Fruits are made from the flowers of a plant, and they usually have seeds. Examples of fruits would be apples, peaches and blueberries.  

Vegetables are made from roots, stems and leaves of a plant. Examples would be carrots, potatoes and broccoli.  

Although tomatoes have the structure of fruit, it is confusing because sometimes we compare fruits and vegetables based on flavour in cooking instead of how they are made.  

In cooking, fruit is sweet and soft and usually used for desserts, jams and snacks. Vegetables tend to be more plain or sometimes bitter. In the cooking world tomatoes are considered a vegetable!  

I hope this answers your question.  

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