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Is there a Childline for the US?

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Is there something like childline, but for the US? I have a friend in the US and I feel like there isn’t anything where they don’t have to sign in.


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Thank you so much for getting in touch with Ask Alex and asking about our service. It sounds like you have found Ask Alex helpful and think that it may also be a useful service for your friend in the US. 

Unfortunately, our service is only located in Ireland so we are not fully sure of the services outside of the country here. We also are not fully aware of the systems or services in the US so therefor cannot support children and young people from outside of Ireland. 

We did find this website that you or your friend may find helpful:

Encourage your friend to speak to a trusted adult in their life if you feel they need support. This may be someone like an aunt, uncle, neigbour or a teacher. It is important to have someone they can speak to about what is going on for them. 

Maybe you would like to chat to one of the Childline team about how things are for you? At Childline, there is always someone ready to listen to you in a non-judgemental manner. We are focused on you and what is important to you. You can contact us through our free phone service; the number is 1800 66 66 66. Alternatively, you can chat with us through our webchat service by clicking on the purple Messenger circle at

We hope you have found this helpful. 

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