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Is my body’s response to thinking about having sex with my boyfriend normal?

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I need help. Everytime I think of my boyfriend my vagina gets all tight and tingly. I imagine him having sex with me(even though that won’t happen) I’m only 16 years old, is it normal for my vagina to do those things?


Hi there, and welcome to Ask Alex. 

We understand it can be difficult to chat about what’s going for you, so thanks for reaching out. 

It sounds like your experiencing different sensations in your vagina when you think of your boyfriend and have images of having sex with him. 

It sounds like you are describing what is known as sexual arousal which causes changes in the genitals such as vaginal lubrication and engorgement (swelling). You may also notice your heart rate and breathing getting faster. What you are going through is completely normal and something that most young people experience when growing up and entering adulthood. During puberty, the body goes through a series of hormonal and physical changes which prepare us for adulthood and, particularly, sexual maturity. It seems like you are in tune with the messages that your body is sending you. 

You say that although you imagine having sex with your boyfriend, it won’t happen. As your relationship continues, other questions about this may come up for you. It’s important that you only do what feels comfortable and right for you, that both parties consent to any and all sexual activity and that you have a trusted adult in your life that you can talk to about this if need be. You can also find advice on consent, sex and relationships on the Childline website – and this article in particular may be of use to you as it discusses the reasons one may want to have sex, the emotions that go with it as well as the legalities around sex:  

You are also very welcome to contact Childline directly by phone 1800 666666 or on live chat at 

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