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To Pat / 28 March 2020

Topic: Is it unusual that I haven’t kissed or gone out with any one?

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Hi Pat.

This might seem a stupid question but is it unusual that I haven’t kissed or gone out with any one aged 13?

I like a boy but highly doubt he likes me.

Thanks so much

From Pat / 03 April 2020


Hi there,

Your question is not stupid one at all, it sounds like this is something that is bothering you, and if it is something that is on your mind it is a good thing to chat about it.

You say there is a boy you like but you highly doubt he is interested in you. Would I be right in thinking that you don’t know how this boy feels? Have you ever spoken to him? Sometimes at 13 boys and girls are just friends and spend time together because they get on well and enjoy the same things.

Kissing sometimes happens when a friendship becomes a little more than that and if it is something that you are comfortable with. You are very brave asking the question. It’s always good to talk to a trusted adult about how you are feeling and get some support.
You are always welcome to give us a ring in Childline on 1800 66 66 66 or use our text service 50101, if you needed to chat. We also have a free webchat, that you can find on this website. All Childline services are private and confidential, so that makes it a safe place for you to talk.

You may find some of the information on this website useful too, under the topics of ‘Friends‘ and ‘Sexuality and Relationships

Take care,


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