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Is it possible I was raped as a baby

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Could that be possible that my dad has raped me as a baby? 


Hello there and welcome to ask Alex. 

We appreciate you reaching out and we thank you for your question, it is very important to us. 

You were asking if it was possible that you had been raped by your dad as a baby? This must be very unsettling for you, and you might be feeling worried, anxious, or even scared. 

Is there a reason why you think this may have happened to you, maybe by someone informing you or do you have faint memories of this happening? It will be important to find out if this really did happen and how you can deal with it going forward if it did. We would be very concerned to hear that you may have experienced child sexual abuse as a baby as every young person have a right to be safe. 

Is there a trusted adult you can share this information with, such as your other parent, grandparents, aunt or uncle? By sharing the information with them they can support you and help you figure out how to go about getting some answers, maybe by contacting some professionals such as a GP as a starting point. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that you have a right to know about your past and be safe. You are not at any fault whatsoever. This is a delicate matter, but you are not alone. There are organizations who help people that have experienced child sexual abuse that can support you at this time. CARI (Children At Risk in Ireland) provide professional child centred, therapy and counselling services to children, families and groups who have been affected by child sexual abuse offer therapeutic services to children and adolescents, they also have a Care Line 0818 924 567. 

It might also help also if you contacted Childline on our 24- hour listening phone service at 1800 66 66 66. We are always here to listen to you, and we would never judge you, and we can help you come up with some options that are available for you. We also have a webchat service though, just click on the orange Live Chat tab and follow the instructions. 

I hope you would find this information helpful. 

Take care and bye for now. 


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