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Is it ok to ask girls in Kerala to tie their hair back

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Is it ok to ask girls to tie thier hair on both sides by schools in Kerala? Considering there is a rule not to?


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You have asked us if its ok to ask girls to tie their hair on both sides in schools in Kerala, India. Thank you for reaching out and asking these questions. 


Childline is a service for young people under the age of 18, and it’s a space where they can express their thoughts and feelings. Every child has a right to be safe, has a right to education, and more under the United Nations Children’s Rights Act. You can find more information on international rights here: .  


Ask Alex is based in Ireland and knowledgeable in Irish laws and directing to Irish services. We can support callers from Ireland by contacting support and emergency services if needed.  It’s important to us that we provide a space for the young people in Ireland to ask the questions they may not be able to ask people in their lives.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the rules of schools in other countries, but we can offer a space to talk and listen to you if you reside outside of Ireland. We won’t be able to provide legal advice, but we can be a listening ear. How does that sound for you?  


We are available 24/7, every day of the year to listen to you and support you. You can reach us online at (just click the orange Live Chat tab to start a chat). 


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