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To Pat / 29 October 2020

Is it normal to have stretch marks

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Is it normal to have stretch marks before the age of 13? 

From Pat / 6 November 2020


Hi there, thanks so much for contacting us. 

You want to know is it normal to have stretch marks before the age of 13.  As our bodies change over the different times in our lives, sometimes we wonder what is going on. It is not unusual to have questions.

Everybody matures at different stages, and everyone’s body is different. We are all unique. You have the right to ask questions about puberty and to get them answered by somebody that you trust. Who would you usually talk to when there is something on your mind? Would you be able to talk to that person about stretch marks? When we talk about something that is troubling us, we can often feel a little better afterwards. Sometimes, we may also need to talk to medical people like doctors or counsellors. You have the right to get this help if or when you need it too.

There are some articles on our website that you may find helpful. You can find them here and here . There are many other sections there too that may be of interest to you.

You do not have to go through this on your own. You can always get in touch with us at Childline for a chat. We would love to hear from you and explore more with you about how you can get the answers that you are looking for. Childline is a twenty-four-hour listening service for young people 18 years and younger. We do not judge anything that you say or do. We are accessible through telephones on 1800 66 66 66, or a text service on 50101. There is also a webchat that you can access through our website . We do not trace calls or use caller/IP IDs. Childline is a safe place for you to chat about whatever you wish.

Thank you again for choosing Ask Pat and we hope we have helped you some. 

Take care of yourself and keep safe, 


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