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Is it normal to daydream

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Is it normal for my brain to create scenarios? I always seem to be day dreaming or making scenarios in my head of random things I want in life… Am I weird?


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Thank you or reaching out to us. You are asking if you are weird because you daydream and create scenarios a lot.

It’s absolutely normal for your brain to create scenarios and daydream. In fact, this imaginative thinking is a remarkable trait of human cognition. It allows us to explore possibilities, plan for the future, and even find creative solutions to problems. You’re not weird; you’re displaying the power of your mind’s creativity and ambition. Embrace it as a part of what makes you unique and brave.
Support services are available to help you navigate your thoughts and feelings if your thoughts are causing distress or interfering with your daily life however. Speaking with a mental health professional could provide you with guidance and tools to help you manage your day-day life.
You might also like to find support from support groups or to try some of the countless self-help resources that are available like: mindfulness apps, managing daydreaming podcasts or even books from your local library. One thing however to keep in mind is to make sure the information you are searching for, comes from a reliable source. Some online articles which may help are and You could also try talking to family or friends if you find your daydreaming is getting out of control.
Remember, it’s okay to seek help and support when needed. If you ever feel overwhelmed or just want to talk, you can always contact Childline freephone at 1800 66 66 66 or reach out via Live Chat at We’re here to listen and support you through any challenges you may face, day or night.
Your willingness to seek guidance is a sign of strength and bravery, well done! You do not have to go through anything on your own, Childline is always here for you.
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