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Is it bad if you can see my knickers in a photo?

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Today my sister wanted to take my photo I was wearing a dress and I sat on a bench at the park but she kept saying to me that I needed my legs closed and that no one wants to see my knickers my dress wasn’t up purposely but she eventually took the photo as I didn’t change position and when she posted the photo on Facebook she put a emoji over it is it bad if you can see my knickers my legs were only open a little bit 


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Thanks for getting in touch with Alex today. From what you have written it sounds like you were happy with how you were sitting for the picture and although your sister thought that maybe the photo would show you knickers a little you were ok with that? Could you talk to your sister about removing the post or explaining to her that you didn’t see anything wrong with how you were sitting? It is important for you to be able to express how you feel. 

When we post something on a social media site like Facebook it is important that we consider how the post might be viewed by others. Unfortunately, while social media can be a great tool to help us keep connected to friends and family, we don’t always have control over who sees or comments on our social media. Posting online is instant, public and often, permanent. In this case your sister posted the photo to her Social media and so you don’t have control over that image or what she put on the photo.  

It is safest to assume that when someone takes your photo that it is not private and while it is important that you are self-confident and happy in your body and how you present yourself, others might feel differently and may make comments online. It might be a good idea to chat to your sister about how you are feeling that you don’t see anything wrong with the photo and then decide whether you are happy for the photo to stay on Facebook or whether she might take it down. 

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