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To Pat / 12 Nov 2019

Topic: Doing a school project on bullying

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Hello, would it be possible to send me some information about bullying and what childline does.

I am doing a school project on bullying and would be greatly appreciated to get some information I was also wondering if someone could be sent out to have a talk with my class.

From Pat / 16 Jan 2019


Thank you for contacting ‘Ask Pat’.

For information about bullying for your school project, you can log onto In the ‘About Us’ section of the Childline website you can also get information about Childline.

You may also find out more about ISPCC, which is the agency that Childline is part of, from the ISPCC website

Thank you for inviting us to your school to give a talk to your class about Childline. We would be happy to do that.

Best of Luck with your school project.


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