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Good Mental Health

Good Mental Health means different things to different people. It can depend on your personality, what's happening in your life at the moment and who you are as a person. Some things that generally people agree lead to good mental health are:
  • Attention to lifestyle - if we are doing too much or too little in our lives our mental health can suffer. We need a good balance between work or study and leisure pursuits.
  • Social contact - having contact with others whose company we enjoy, whether at school, work, at home or as a member of a club, helps to develop social interaction.
  • Reviewing our lives from time to time - this involves considering what our aims and goals in life are and whether we are taking steps to achieve them. Problems can arise when we feel that life is not satisfying and fulfilling.
  • Awareness of how mind and body interact - just as our state of mental health can affect our physical health, the reverse is also true. If diet, sleep and exercise are neglected and inadequate, not only our bodies will suffer but also our minds.
  • Having people in our lives we trust - it is important to have someone to go to with our problems and worries, such as friends, teachers or family members.
  • Awareness of what can go wrong - just be conscious of what can go wrong. Realise that tiredness and irritability, if ignored, might lead to more serious stress - related problems.
  • Taking steps to resolve problems - being aware of problems and seeking help if necessary.