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Staying Safe Online

Have fun while staying safe online
The Internet is a great place to chat to friends, play online games and learn about interesting things.  Whether you are setting up a profile on a social networking site, such as Facebook and Instagram or just chatting and sharing photos via messenger apps such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, when you’re online you must keep yourself safe. 
There are some things you can do to make sure you stay safe online.
  • ·         Create a safe profile 
-          Check your privacy settings- choose the information you share with people, for example you can set your profile or data to private or allow only certain people to contact you and view particular information. Make sure you never share your address, phone number or email address with anyone online.
-          Choose a nickname rather than your real name when you are setting a profile and use a cartoon picture rather than one of yourself.
-          Make a strong password for all your accounts, change them regularly and never share them with anyone. Make sure your password includes a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • ·         Be careful about how much information you post about yourself
-          While social networking sites can be kept only to people that are in your network, the internet is not always private and you might want to talk things through with a parent or someone you trust before you sign up for an account. 
-          Be as anonymous as possible. Avoid postings that could let a stranger to locate you. That includes your last name, the name of your school, sports teams, the town you live in, and where you hang out.
-          Photos: Think before posting. What’s uploaded to the Net can be downloaded by anyone and passed around or posted online pretty much forever. Before uploading a photo, think about how you’d feel if it were seen by a parent/grandparent or future employer.
-          Check comments regularly. If you allow them on your profile or blog, check them often. Don’t respond to mean or embarrassing comments. Delete them and, if possible, block offensive people from commenting further.
-          Be honest about your age. Membership rules are there to protect people. If you are too young to sign up, do not attempt to lie about your age. Talk with your parents about alternative sites that may be appropriate for you.
  • ·         Don’t meet people you don’t know
-          Never arrange to meet up with someone you “meet” in a profile or blog unless you are certain of their actual identity. Although it’s still not risk-free, if you do meet the person, arrange the meeting in a public place and bring some friends along.
One thing you might want to get careful about is how much information you post about yourself.