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To Pat / 25 Jul 2019

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Hi Pat, i feel really down all the time, and im kind of the class clown, but i hate making people sad , so i always try to boost my fruends confidence by being silly , and im always there for them when there upset, but i dont get the same kind of responce back, and sometime i just get really hatefull things said to me, because im from dublin but live in cavan and they all hate the dubs because were always beating them. Its just childish, but sometime the things the say really hurt. Im not a baby , and i stand up for myself, but im just to tierd of trying to fit in with them, but when i try be myself, i get jugded, and something all i need is a compliment, but i try to be optimistic, but sometimes i cant
Pat / 18 Sep 2019
Thank you for your email. We are really sorry to hear that this is going on for you. It can't be easy for you feeling this way. It sounds like you are a caring person and eager to put your friends feelings first. Trying to be somebody you are not can be exhausting!
You mention at times they say hurtful things and judge you. This would not be o.k for this to happen and we would be concerned around how this is making you feel.
It sounds like you are working hard to be positive but it is important to understand that you too have the right to have support. You have the right to talk to someone and to be listened to.
Who would you normally talk to when you are feeling down? What would you think it might be like to tell somebody about how you are feeling? Who might that somebody be?
We are here on the Childline phone, web and text service if you feel you would like to talk about this some more and you can contact us 24hrs a day.
Best regards