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To Pat / 19 Apr 2019

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Easting Disorder

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After starting recovery for anorexia and getting to a healthy weight. I now feel huge compared to underweight me.
Pat / 24 Jul 2019
Thanks for your mail

We are sorry to hear that this is going on for you . It sounds like things have not been easy for your recently.

Well done on your road to recovery for Anorexia! By the sounds of it you say you have now reached a healthy weight but it sounds like it is not the feelings you were hoping to have upon reaching this?

All roads to recovery are hard and face many challenges along the way.

We would be interested in understanding what support you are getting currently? Recovery does take time and you have the right to get support both physically and mentally.

Talking about your thoughts, feelings and expectations can help.

We would love to hear from you and understand a little more around what is happening. There are also specialist agencies such as Bodywhys that deal specifically in eating disorders.

Childline is open 24 hours a day and can be contact through our phone, 1800 666 666 or through our web,

With regards