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In order to use the One to One function on this site, you need to register with childline first.
Online chat is available every day from 10am to 4am.
Step 1: Register with a Nickname (Click here to Register for Childline Online Chat)
Step 2: Login (using 'Chat to Us' button below or Login at the top of the site)
Step 3: Wait for a Facilitator to join your chat conversation
Step 4: Chat to the Facilitator and see how they can help
When you register with Childline we ask you to use a nickname in order to keep your identity private.  If you give us your real name, your address, your school or your teachers name and tell us something that makes us concerned about you then we may have to pass the information onto someone who can help.
When you are registered/logged in you can start chatting to us. You can also talk to us on our free Teentext service by texting the word 'talk' to 50101. This service is also available from 10am to 4am every day. Or you can ring for free on 1800 666 666.