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Anxiety is the word used to describe fear or worry which does not go away.
A teenage boy clutches his heart with anxiety

What is anxiety?

While we may have feelings of worry at times, anxiety can become a problem when it stops us doing everyday things such as:


  • Chatting to people
  • Going to new places
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Going to school, college or work
  • Trying new things
  • Having fun
What can happen when we are anxious?

If we feel anxious, we might feel fearful, nervous or out of control. 

Talking to someone can really help when we are anxious.

If you feel anxious, you are not alone. You have a right to support. Is there a trusted adult you can talk to about how you are feeling? You can always talk to Childline. 

Other supports available include: is a site provided by the HSE. There you can find information about many issues related to mental health and also find information about other support services. 

Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Jigsaw Services provide young people aged 12-25 with a place they can visit for free and confidential support from trained mental health professionals.

The HSE's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, known as CAMHS

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Find an adult you trust

It's important to find an adult you trust and feel safe talking to. A trusted adult may be a parent, an adult relative, an adult friend, a teacher, a coach, a school counsellor, a doctor or nurse.  If you can't find anyone in your life who you are comfortable talking to, contact Childline and we will listen to you and give you support. 

Talking helps!


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