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I'm so scared, I was caught vaping

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Hi, im so scared because i was vaping because i knew it was bad for me and i wanted to die so i did it and i already got caught before and got in so so much trouble but now my friends mom saw me and is going to tell my parents and my mother said if i ever got caught again she would disown me and send me to live with my nana in asia and i’ll never see anyone i love here again 


Hi there, thank you for reaching out to Ask Alex.  

It’s very brave of you to contact us as we know it’s not always easy for young people to talk about things going on at home. You said you were vaping because you knew it was bad for you and you wanted to die. We, in Childline, would be very concerned to hear that you were thinking like this.  

Is there an adult in your life that you trust and would feel comfortable talking to about how you are feeling? It may be a family member, a teacher, a youth worker, a coach, or your GP. We know that it’s not always easy to share our worries and concerns, but we also know how important it is to ask for help when things are difficult. You have the right to get support around how you are feeling.  

The Childline website also has some articles that might help you get some support around these feelings.   


You also mention that you mother she would disown you and send you to live far away and you would never see anyone you love here again. We would be concerned that your mother is threatening you with this. Would you feel like would be able to talk to her about how this makes you feel? You might find some tips on these Childline articles: 


If you feel that you cannot talk to your mother or somebody you know just yet, then Childline is here for you, and we would really love to listen to you. At Childline we are focused on you and what is important to you. The services are free and available 24 hours a day. We do not judge anything you say. You can contact us through our telephone service by calling 1800 66 66 66 or by Live Chat that you access through our website 

Thanks for your message, we hope you found this information helpful and please get in touch if you have any other questions.  Look after yourself, and know that there is help and support available to you. 


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