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To Pat / 22 January 2020

Topic: I'm overweight for my age

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I’m overweight for my age and I find it hard to control what and when I eat eg I eat too much and can’t stop… I’m finding it hard lately as I can’t wear what my friends wear going out and I’m very self conscious about it I keep trying to eat healthy but I fall back into the trap again and I keep considering starving myself or started to make myself sick both of which I have not done yet but they seem to be my only option at the minute please help !

From Pat / 06 March 2020


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Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. It sounds like you are worried about your weight and your eating habits. You say that you are finding it hard lately as you feel you can’t wear what your friends are wearing going out as you are feeling self-conscious.

We are concerned to hear that you are considering starving yourself or starting to make yourself sick. You have the right to seek support and to be supported. You have the right to get information about things that you feel are important. You may find it helpful to look at the Eating Problems article under the ‘Info & Advice – How I Feel’ category on the Childline website.

You might also find it helpful to talk to Childline’s 24-hour freephone service by calling 1800 66 66 66. You can also contact Childline by sending a text to 50101, or by chatting online at Both of these services are available between 10am and 4am every day.

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