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I'm not getting the game time I deserve

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Hi Alex, so yesterday I had a soccer match yesterday and we lost 4-3. I started on the bench and only played 5 minutes. I overheard the coach saying me and this other guy on the bench after last week. He knows I’m bad. I had a gaelic match the night before and I got battered. The problem with gaelic is I get the game time but not the performance. Soccer, I don’t get the game time I deserve. I’m considery joining a new club at the end of the season. Like Paul Pogba left Manchester United because he wasn’t getting game time. Like with gaelic I feel like I let the team down. When I had a game in Birmingham this year I took a shot and it hit the post then on our first game after that trip I had a shot that I should’ve scored but the keeper saved. I was right in front of the goal. We got destroyed that night but if I scored that goal, it would’ve been a whole different game.


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for reaching out and getting in touch with us.  

It sounds like you’re going through a tough period with both your soccer and Gaelic football. Balancing multiple sports and dealing with varying levels of game time and performance can be challenging. 

Could you talk with a trusted adult about the things that are worrying you. If you could speak to a parent, grandparent, teacher, or your coach– whoever you have a good relationship with – you may find that they went through similar difficulties when they were younger. This person could be a good source of support; you could turn to them when in need. 

Weigh the pros and cons of staying with your current club or moving to a new one. Consider factors such as the level of competition, coaching quality, and your personal development. 

Remember, every athlete goes through ups and downs. The key is to stay focused, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude. Over time, with dedication and perseverance, you’ll see improvement and find the right path for your sports career. 

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