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To Pat / 03 Feb 2020

Topic: I’m always upset

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OK so I don’t know what is going on I’m always upset my mam shouts at me and calls me a disappointment and a disgrace and I self harm and right now I just want to die I don’t even see a point in living. I want to commit suicide but I don’t want my friends thinking it was their fault

From Pat / 24 Feb 2020


Welcome to Ask Pat,

From what you have told us, it would be understandable that you feel confused and you are very brave to share this with us. It sounds your relationship with your mam is difficult with her calling you names. You have the right to be safe in your home. You also have the right to be protected from harm and you would have the right to get support to help you.

It sounds like you have self-harmed, have had thoughts to end your life and it sounds like you feel hopeless about what is going on. You say that you do not want your friends to think it was their fault if you were to take your life. It sounds like your friends mean a lot to you and that you care for them.

The Childline website has further information that you may find helpful, in the section called ‘Info and Advice’ there is a section called ‘How I feel’, you might find it useful to see what information is there. You could also contact Pieta House for more information on how you can be supported with your thoughts of suicide at

You do have the right to tell someone and to be listened to, and to get support for what you are going through from a trusted adult. Who might that person be in your life, for some it may be a family member, for others a teacher or sports leaders. If you do not feel like there is a trusted adult in your life that you can talk to just now, there is always the option of contacting Childline.

Remember, Childline is always here to listen to you and to support you. You can contact Childline by calling 1800 66 66 66 (24 hrs), chatting online at, or texting to 50101.

Thank you for sharing with us what is going on for you.

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