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I’m 13 and my dad hits me regularly

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Hi , I’m 13 and my dad hits me regularly .it doesn’t usually leave marks but last night he did , I went out and I came back a bit later than usual to house and I have for the past week and he would beat me every time i came back late , kick,throw objects , so when I came back home yesterday from the park he asked where my phone is and he smashed it , I payed for the phone , swinged a object at me and it’s left s red mark all over my body and it’s caused cuts , thighs , legs ,arm ,he slapped me in my face and spat on me , and a massive red mark on my back and Imdomt know what to do , I’ve told my close mate about it they said I can stay at there’s for a bit there mum agrees but if I go I’ll get beat when I come back , should I go to the police or what and if I do they will tell my parents and when there gone I’ll just get beat even more 


Hello and welcome to Ask Alex.   

Thank you for you for reaching out to us.  

We are really concerned to hear that your dad hits you regularly and that he left marks on you last night. You also mentioned that he beats you every time you come back late, kicking and throwing objects at you, and that he smashed your phone, slapped you in the face and spat at you. It’s completely understandable that you are unsure what to do in this situation and we think you are very brave to talk to your close mate about what is going on for you at home. At Childline, we always encourage people to talk about what’s going on for them. You may have a trusted adult in your life such as a grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin, teacher, neighbour or even your friend’s mum that you could get support from with this difficult situation; would you consider talking to them about your homelife? They may be able to help ensure that you get the correct support and help keep you safe. It’s important that you get the help that you deserve.   

You have the right to feel safe and happy in your home and no one has the right to hurt you in any way. This is quite serious and should not be happening to you or any other children or teenagers. You have the right to feel safe and free from danger. You have the right to seek support from the Gardai or Tusla Child and Family services. Tusla can be contacted via their website: If ever you feel you are a risk to your own safety or in danger from others at any time, you have the right to contact a GP, the emergency services by calling  112  or 999  at no charge or you could present yourself at your closest A&E department.   

Childline is also here for you 24/7. You can contact the Childline team by phone on  1800 66 66 66, by sending a text to  50101 or by chatting online at We will always listen, never judge and would love to chat with you.   

Remember, you do not have to go through this alone. There is support out there and people who want to and can help you.   

Take care of yourself,   


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