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I worry about my marks

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I am worried about my marks


Hello there, you’re very welcome to Ask Alex,
We are not sure if you are talking meaning exam marks/grades or self-harm marks, but that’s ok, we will try to cover both for you. It takes courage to reach out, and we are glad you did. It’s completely understandable to feel worried about your marks. Whether it’s a recent exam or a recurring concern, know that you’re not alone in this. Many teenagers experience the pressure and anxiety that come with academic performance.
We want you to know that it’s okay to feel this way. Your feelings are valid, and it’s important to acknowledge them. Sometimes, the weight of academic expectations can feel overwhelming, but remember that your worth is not solely determined by your grades. You are so much more than a number on a paper.
If you find yourself struggling to cope, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed to the point of self-harm, please know that there are people who care about you and want to help. Self-harm marks can be a sign of deeper emotional distress, and it’s crucial to reach out for support. You don’t have to go through this alone. are an organisation that is hugely beneficial to people who self-harm. 
When it comes to school exam marks or grades, it’s essential to approach them with a balanced perspective. While grades are important, they do not define your intelligence or potential. It’s okay to strive for improvement, but remember to be kind to yourself in the process. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small, and learn from your setbacks. Here is an article that may help you
Lastly, we want to remind you that support is available whenever you need it. You are never alone in this journey. The Childline team is here for you, ready to listen and support you in any way we can. Whether you want to talk on the phone or chat online, we are here 24 hours a day, every day. You matter, and your well-being is important to us. You can contact us anonymously at 1800 66 66 66 or through Live Chat on our website
Please remember, reach out if you need to; whether it is an adult you trust or a helpline line Childline or Pieta. You are never alone.
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