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I think my parents don’t love each other anymore what can I do?

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I think my parents don’t love each other anymore what can I do? 


Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out to us today. You have said that you think that your parents don’t love each other anymore. I understand that this might be very upsetting for you. You haven’t said why you believe that they don’t love each other anymore so I am wondering what it’s like for you at home at the moment. Are there reasons why you think this for example are they fighting, having arguments and have these increased recently? 

If your parents don’t always get along, it’s important that you know that it’s not your fault, and not your problem to fix. Every family experiences pressure and stress from time to time and sometimes this can lead to disagreements and tension. Living in a home that’s full of stress and tension is not nice. You don’t say whether you have brothers and sisters at home with you but often we grow up wanting to shield our siblings from tensions by trying to make things better ourselves. However, this is not your job, you are your own person. 

If your parents are constantly fighting, here are some ways to cope. 

  • Find someone to talk to. We all need one trusted adult we can lean on when things get too much. All they need to do is listen. 
  • Don’t get involved. Sometimes parents try to drag us into the middle of it and back them up. 
  • If you feel safe enough to do so, tell them that their arguments are upsetting for you. They might not have realised how their relationship is affecting you. 
  • Keep yourself safe. If you feel that anyone in the house is in danger, call someone. Disagreements are normal, violence or abuse is not. 

Nobody is perfect, and that includes your parents. They are just people trying to figure life out and doing their best. We are all learning, every day, even the grown-ups.  

You can also contact us here at Childline any time of the day or night by clicking on the LiveChat button, (the Orange Tab on the right-hand side of your screen) and there will be someone to listen to you 24/7. If you would rather talk over the phone, then we also have our phone line on 1800 66 66 66. 

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