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I think I have ADHD but my parents don’t believe me

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i think i have adhd. my parents won’t take me to a doctor because they don’t believe i can have it. the symptoms are different in girls but when i try explain that my parents brush me off. what should i do? 


Hi, you’re welcome to Ask Pat. 

We really appreciate that you reached out and contacted us.   

It sounds likes you are worried about some of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and you are concerned that they might be connected to ADHD. It also sounds like you would like to talk this through with a professional, namely a doctor, to explore if this is in fact something you might have to get support for. 

You have rightly pointed out that sometimes ADHD symptoms can look different in each gender.  It sounds like you have done a lot of research on this.  I would also like to praise you for trying so hard to reach out and look for support by talking with your parents and by reaching out to contact us here at Childline. It can be difficult when we have concerns about ourselves to know where to get help for our issues or some support to help to ease our worries.   

It sounds like you are trying to tell your parents about your worries, but you feel like they do not share these concerns with you. Perhaps attempting to have a conversation with them about their thoughts, feelings, and knowledge on this subject in general might help to move your conversations to a more open an honest one. Sometimes parents also need some time to adjust and come around to the idea and they may need some more information and understanding about ADHD. 

Another thing to consider is if others share your concerns. Have you chatted with extended family, teachers, a coach or another trusted adult about your experiences and do they feel you may need additional help in this area? If other adults share your concerns, you could ask them to chat about it with your parents. 

Ensuring you have also sourced your own information correctly would be important because this can help you fact check your own knowledge. Talking to trusted people who could know more about these conditions such as a teacher or looking on sites such as could help to ensure you have the correct and up to date information.  

You have the right to receive medical help and to access advice. If you continue to have these worries and you feel that your behaviours or thoughts are impacting on how you are behaving or performing in school, at home or in your community, it is important that you try to talk with other adults who might be able to help you express your concerns to your parents.  Other trusted people may be older siblings, aunts/uncles, Grandparents or teachers.  

If you feel like you cannot talk with someone else just yet about this then Childline is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone/text/web chat. You can contact Childline on 1800 66 66 66 or you can text us on 50101 or have a web chat with us by going to and using the ‘Live Message’ option.  

I wish you well with this and thanks for writing to us. 

All the best  


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