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Hey alex. So basically I love singing. And I don’t have time to practice. I only sing when I’m alone and that’s not as much as I like. If I’m home alone I will, if I’m at the park like when my dad isn’t near I will. But Im just not alone enough! I want to sing more but I cant! I’m 12. Ill sing with my friends too but like still. Also, I get to sing at N open Mic night once every month. So that’s why I have to practice.


Hello, thanks so much for getting in touch with us here at Ask Alex today.
You mention that you absolutely love singing but that you would like to find more time to practice when you are alone. It seems like you do get the chance to sing with your friends sometimes, and that you feel you need to practice for the open mic night you attend.
First of all, it sounds like you have found a great passion for singing, which is fantastic! And how exciting it is that you get to sing at an open mic every month; what an experience to have.
It can definitely be challenging trying to find time to practice, with so many things to fit into a week, such as school, friends, hobbies, and family. What would it be like to sit down before the week starts and try to pinpoint some days or times when you think you will be free or alone to practice? That way, you have an idea throughout the week of when you’ve scheduled to sing, and you can prioritise it for yourself to ensure that you are spending the time you want on your singing.
It’s important that you have a place where you feel comfortable practicing your singing. You mention that right now it might be when you’re home alone or at the park. Would you be able to talk with your family about your need to practice and see if there are a couple of times during the week that they might be able to give you some extra space?
When it comes to where you practice, is there any space in your home where you feel most at ease and comfortable? Or any unused area that you could turn into a practice space for yourself that feels a little more private? Perhaps this is also something your family could help you with to make sure you get the practice you want.
It’s amazing that you have found something you are so passionate about, and we hope you can figure out a way to get some more practice in. You will know best what will work for you and make you feel comfortable. If you’d ever like to chat about it some more, or about anything else that’s going on in your life, you can always contact us through our webchat service by clicking on the purple Messenger circle at or by giving us a call on 1800 66 66 66, 24/7.
Happy singing! 🎤🎼
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