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I have no one to go to

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I have no one to go to, my mom I cant go to because she doesn’t understand my issue, my dad will just brush it under the carpet, my brother is too young to do anything, I am on summer break so I don’t have school, my phone is broken so I cant text anyone I just have my laptop and my sister is apart of the problem what do I do


Hi there, 

Thank you so much for reaching out to us with what it going on for you at the moment. That sounds really tough that you have no one to go to with your problem. It can really frustrating and lonely when we feel there is a lack of support, but it is really positive that you are considering your options already of talking to your family. 

It is important that you know that everyone has the right to feel heard and listened to, especially within their family home. We know you feel that your mother doesn’t understand and that your dad will brush it under the carper but we wonder why do you think they will respond like this? Maybe something has happened in the past where they responded in this way. Sometimes we make assumptions about how people respond with out really knowing. It could help to plan a conversation with them. You could start of with something like ” I need to talk to you about something that has been bothering me lately…” 

Another person who could help with solving your problem is your sister. We know all these conversations are likely to be very tricky and overwhelming but as you mentioned she is part of the problem she will likely also be part of the solution. These conversations can also strengthen your relationship and you may become closer as a result, further down the line. You may tell her that you want to talk to her about something and that you feel it is important that she listens because you are worried/ upset. It is important to approach these conversations in a calm and respectful way, and it may help to talk to your parents first as they may help guide the conversation. Have a think about what might work best for you. 

You might find it helpful to discuss this further so we can have a better sense of the problem and maybe even practice one of these conversations. If you would like to talk about this, you are very welcome to chat to us through our freephone service on 1800 66 66 66 or through our webchat service, by clicking on the purple Messenger circle at Childline services are free and confidential, and are available for children in Ireland, 24 hours, 7 days a week.   

Thank you for reaching out to us.  

Take care,    


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