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I happened to have my legs slightly apart and I got told off by my mum

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This morning when I went downstairs to sit with my mum and my little brother who is 10 I’m 12 I wore my nightdress I decided I wasn’t going to put a knickers on. I was sat on the sofa with my legs up so my chin would rest on them and I happened to have my legs slightly apart and I got told off my mum that I should do that as my brother was looking under my nightdress. I understand that my mum was telling me not to do it but why as I didn’t have my legs sort on purpose and really why would my brother be interested in between my legs


Hi there and welcome to Ask Alex,

You have said that your mother told you off for having your legs slightly apart because your bother was looking under your night dress and you are wondering why your brother would be interested in between your legs.

It sounds likes like you maybe feeling a bit frustrated with how your mum spoke to you and what she said. It can be really hard to communicate things when we are feeling frustrated or feel that we are being treated unfairly. You have done the right thing by reaching and voicing your thoughts with Ask Alex.

Has something like this occurred with your mother and brother before? Maybe you feel that your mum should have been telling your brother not to look rather than telling you off. It might be good to have a conversation with your mum about this and explore with her why she said what she did.

You may not feel ready to have this conversation just yet but we have some articles on our website that you may find helpful:; You may also find it help to speak to a friend or someone about how you are feeling, do you feel this is something you could do? 

It is understandable if you dont feel ready to speak to someone that you know just yet, you may instead find it helpful to talk to someone here at Childline. Childline is a free confidential service and you can to anyone at Childline at anytime. Childline can be reached through the free phone 1800 66 66 66 or using the live chat at You can start a chat at any time by clicking on the Orange Live Chat button on your screen. 

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