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I fell off a horse

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 I fell off a horse how do I build confident to do it again


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today, we hope by sharing our knowledge that you will find something to help you with what you are asking. You have said that you fell off a horse, was this recently? Wow, that must have been very scary we hope that you are ok and that you didn’t injure yourself. You want to know how to build back the confidence to do it again, we understand you mean getting back up on a horse.


You have already made the first step, having the want to do can be the hardest thing after having a bad experience. Often one bad experience can be the thing that stops you from trying again but this is not the case for you which is great, you obviously have a love for horses and horse riding.


We think the next step would be to start slowly by being around horses again, maybe see if you can help feed them in the local stables or farm, wherever you had been going before, where you know the horses. You can then slowly build upon that as you feel ready, bringing it up to brushing, maybe leading a quite horse around until you feel more comfortable around the horses. Talk to an adult that works with the horses and let them know what it is your working towards, they may be able to give you hints and tips that will support you getting back on the horse.  


Having the belief in yourself is a big part of it and this has no doubt been knocked following the fall. Start by reassuring yourself, “I can do this”, and repeat it to yourself daily. Look at the skills you have, build on your belief in them, remind yourself  “I did this before and I want to do it again”.  Having people around you who will support and believe in you is important too. Ensure that you are fully ready to try it again. Each time, make steps towards your goal of getting back on the horse, don’t rush it.


Day one following some preparations like those mentioned above, could be as small as putting your riding boots on and then the next time you can build on that. See each day as a success and believe in yourself, we believe you can do it. Ensure safety when dealing with horses and always have individuals who know and work with the horses around you.  


You can always reach out to Childline if you feel you would like to talk through things a little more. You can contact the Childline Team by phone on 1800 66 66 66 or through our Live Chat on Childline services are free and confidential, and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.     


We wish you the best of luck with your goal and as we said above, we believe you can do it. We hope our answer has been useful. Look after yourself, and remember we are here for you if you would like to get in touch,


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