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I feel nothing anymore

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I feel nothing anymore I just want to die I’m 16 and feel tired and that my life is over I feel like it’s all over for me 



We are glad you have decided to write to us here at Ask Pat. You are saying your life is over and that you have been struggling with your mental health.  

It is very much understandable that you feel numb, while experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings. Suicidal thoughts can happen to anybody. You may have a reason why you feel this way, or you may not know. That is ok.  

We want to let you know that you don’t have to go through this alone. It is concerning to hear you say you want to die, as you have the right to be supported with your mental health, in times of difficulty. Maybe so far you have not received the help you need, but by reaching out to us, you have made the first move to help yourself.  There are so many options for you going forward. All the adults in your life have a duty of care to you. By talking to any of them (parent/guardian, relative, teacher) you may get the supports in place that you deserve. If you would prefer to talk with a professional, you would have the right to make an appointment with your GP.  

Childline, of course, is here to listen day and night. You’d be more than welcome to reach us on 1800 66 66 66, text 50101 or web chat . Our Childline website has a useful section dedicated to suicide. You can find this section at Another organisation that is there for young people struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings is Pieta House. You can find out about them here  

We wish you well going forward and hope you manage to reach out to us or someone you trust. We hope to hear from you soon.

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