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To Pat / March 2020

Topic: I feel like I’m jealous

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Hi Pat,
I feel like I’m not good enough and I feel like I’m jealous and I don’t want to be. My only friend is always better than me and I feel constantly having to live up to my friend because I don’t want to be a failure. I love playing soccer on a girls team and they have elected my friend as best improved player of the year, when I know I try harder than her. I’m kinda happy for her but when I just feel like such a failure in comparison to her. Also I have told her of my struggles with my mental health and I feel she just shrugs it off saying small things that annoy her and saying everyone has bad days when she knows I feel bad everyday.
Please help me.

From Pat / March 2020


Hi there, You are very welcome to ask Pat. You did the right thing by contacting us here, you have such a lot going n for you. You say you feel not good enough and you are jealous and you are trying to live up to your friend. You struggle with your mental health also and it sounds like you dont feel fully supported by your best friend.   We would be concerned that you are feeling the way you do and you have the right to get help/support around the way you are feeling. As a child you have the right to be happy and to be heard and there are services available to help people in your situation . You also mentioned some positives in your message like you don’t want to be jealous, you don’t want to be a failure, you love playing soccer,  and these are all good things. Perhaps you might like to talk a little more about what is going on for you and your thoughts and feelings, our phone line is open 24 hours a day at  1800 666 66 and we would be more than happy to hear from you. You may also find some useful information on our website under the heading Info and Advice. Also there is information available on the HSE website www.your mental Take care Pat

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