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I honestly don’t know what to do , I lost my mom a while ago . And my dad remarried 2months ago since she moved in everything changed . She yells at me for being lazy amd useless but the thing is I am not lazy or useless, I just have depression and it’s hard for me to sometimes do anything. I really don’t want to do this anymore. I am confused because my dad is against me . And I am hopeless, what should I do


Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us,

We want you to know that it takes a lot of courage to share what you’re going through. Losing a parent is incredibly tough, and it’s even more challenging when things change at home. We understand how difficult it must be for you.

We want you to know that your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to struggle. It’s not a sign of laziness or being useless. Depression can make everyday tasks feel overwhelming, and you’re not alone in this. Your well-being matters, and there are people who care about you.

It might be helpful to find a trusted friend, teacher, or counsellor to talk to. Opening up about your feelings can be a huge step towards getting the support you need. You don’t have to face everything on your own. Remember, you are never alone, and there are people who want to help you through this. Although we are not medical professionals in Childline, this article explains what depression is and offers some guidance tips on things you can do to help you; You have a right to receive medical help and it is important that if you feel you are depressed, that you see your GP as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so yet.

If you’re comfortable, consider having an honest conversation with your dad about what you’re experiencing. He might not fully understand the depth of your emotions, and expressing your feelings could help bridge that gap. Looking for professional help, like talking to a therapist, can also be a positive step forward. You deserve support, and there are resources available to guide you through this challenging time. Rainbows offer a service to support young people who have experienced the death of a parent in lots of schools; perhaps your school may already have this programme or they can put you in touch with a local centre who does

If you would like to talk about this some more, anonymously, you can chat to the Childline Team. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Or maybe you would like to chat about something else; and that’s fine too because Childline is here for you, any reason, anytime. Our free-phone number is 1800 66 66 66 or you can use Live Chat on our website , just click on the Live Chat tab.

We hope you get the support you need very soon. We are here for you if you would like support in deciding your next steps. Please look after yourself, we hope to hear from you soon,


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