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I can't live with my family anymore

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I don’t think I can live with my family anymore but I don’t want to move away from my friends what do i do


Hey there, thanks for getting in touch with us at Ask Alex,

It sounds like you’re going through a tough time, and we want you to know that your feelings are valid. It’s completely normal for things to get challenging at home. We’re here to support you as you go through these emotions.

Living with family can be complex, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to recognise that you are not alone in this. Many young people go through similar struggles, like you are. It’s great that you’re reaching out for help. Your friends can be a source of comfort and support during difficult times. They care about you, and you might find solace in talking to them about what you’re going through.

Remember, you have a support system, whether it’s friends, teachers, or other trusted adults in your life. It might also be helpful to express your feelings to your family if you feel comfortable doing so. Communication can be a powerful tool in resolving conflicts and fostering understanding. Here are some articles you may find helpful; ; You have the right to a safe home environment, but if you ever feel unsafe, you can contact the Gardaí at 999 or 112.

Lastly, exploring your options is so important. You might consider talking to a counsellor or asking for advice from a trusted adult who can guide you through potential solutions. Whatever you decide, know that you’re never alone, and there are people who care about you and want to help you find a way forward.

If you would like to talk about this some more, anonymously, you can chat to the Childline Team. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Or maybe you would like to chat about something else; and that’s fine too because Childline is here for you, any reason, anytime. Our phone number is 1800 66 66 66 or you can use Live Chat on our website , just click on the Live Chat tab.

We hope your home life improves for you real soon, but if it doesn’t remember, we are here to support you and go through your options.

Please take care of yourself,


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