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I am passionate about musical theatre

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 My parents do not support my dreams, music is my passion and I’d like to start musical theatre, they won’t allow me. How can I deal with this situation?


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You say your parents are not in support of your musical dreams and won’t allow you to start musical theatre. 

Firstly, can we say that it is wonderful to have something that you are so passionate about, and music is an incredible art. It has so many benefits and can have an incredible influence – improve our mood, build connections, even help us learn and improve memory. It must be very tough to feel that your parents are not supportive of your passion and won’t let you start musical theatre. 

How have the conversations gone with your parents around your dreams, what are the reasons they give you for not allowing you to do musical theatre? Are they worried about school, do they want to see you go down a different path, or something else entirely? Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to get on board with studying something outside of the conventional things. 

Maybe you could pick a good time when everyone is calm to talk about it again, and just like today let them know how passionate you are about this. You could let them know the why behind it, what music means to you, and all the benefits you would get from doing it like developing new skills, building confidence, working with others. Perhaps giving them information around the group you want to join might be helpful for them too – how often classes are, what the classes cover, the cost, all the practical side of it should you be talking about music theatre as an extra-curricular.  

If, however, your parents are unsure about you doing music into the future, maybe it would be helpful for them to know there are musical theatre courses in college in Ireland, where you can get a recognised degree, and go on to pursue a range of different careers. Would you have a guidance counsellor at school that you talk to? Maybe they could help support you to explore ways of making your musical theatre dream happen, and how to get your parents on board. 

We really hope that your parents can agree or compromise with you with fulfilling your dreams. Do get in touch with us again to let us know how you get on. You can always contact us on our LiveChat service at or over the phone too (1800 66 66 66), we would love to hear from you, and can always talk through what options you have. 

All the best, take care of yourself, 

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