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Wearing a mask at school is stressful and I'm being bullied. What should I do?

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I already wear glasses and it is always foggy and blurry. I am getting help from my mum because it is stressful but I think it is stressing her out too. On top of this I am getting verbally bullied in school. What should I do?


Hello, you’re welcome to Ask Alex. 

You’ve told us that you have to wear a face mask due to covid 19, as you are in 6th Class which causes your glasses to get steamed up and foggy. You feel stressed out and your mum is helping you with this, but you think it’s stressing her out as well. In addition, you are saying that you are verbally bullied in school. We are sorry to hear that this is affecting your school life.  

Firstly, to help you deal with your glasses fogging up and feeling blurry, the HSE website has a section that explains “If you wear glasses and a face mask, your glasses may fog up. Cleaning your glasses makes them less likely to fog up. A well-fitting face mask can also stop your glasses fogging up. It should fit tightly enough to not leave any gaps around your nose”. Perhaps you could take something with you to school that you can use to clean your glasses throughout the day or if need be, you might want to try finding a mask that fits your face well.  

Secondly, you have said that you are being verbally bullied in school. Remember, every child has the right to feel safe. When you are being verbally bullied it can be very hard to feel safe and to not feel stressed about it. It is important to choose a time that feels right for you and let an adult that you trust know about this. Once you have shared your problem, you might start to feel a little more confident to deal with the bullying and less alone. This trusted adult may also help you explore the options available to you to bring the bullying to an end. You might find this article on the Childline website helpful:  

We hope this helps you.  

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Take Care, Alex.  

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