A young teenage boy sitting on a tree branch looking to the side with a sad expression on his face.

Bullying, in any form, can have an impact on your confidence. It's important to seek support to rebuild your belief in yourself.


In recent years, the media has focused heavily on the harmful effects of cyberbullying on young people’s wellbeing. But it’s important to note that traditional forms of bullying, or ‘offline bullying’, are also still very much a problem.

These include:

  • Physical bullying – hitting, kicking, shoving, etc.

  • Exclusion bullying – deliberately leaving someone out of a conversation, group chat or not inviting them to an event

  • Name calling

  • Being threatened or humiliated

  • Spreading rumours

Bullying can occur anywhere and at any time. Some bullying is carried out by one person and other types are carried out by a group of people. 

If you’re experiencing cyberbullying, chances are you have been subjected to some of the traditional forms of bullying too. Bullying is intentional and is carried out to cause harm to the person targeted and is usually repeated over time. The exception can be where a person places a hurtful or offensive once-off message, photo or video online for people to view.

Many young people have contacted Childline to talk about experiencing bullying – and often the hardest part to accept is that this bullying behaviour is carried out by people who were supposed to be their friends. 

Remember, bullying is never your fault!

If you’re being bullied – in any form – it’s important to know that support is available.

Everyone has the right to feel safe. Please chat to a trusted adult about what you are experiencing – this could be whoever takes care of you at home, a teacher, an SNA, a school principal or a sports coach.

We hope that with the support of a trusted adult, the bullying can stop. As well as that, Childline is always here, 24 hours a day to listen and support anyone affected by bullying. 

You can use the Live Message button on childline.ie or call 1800 66 66 66 whenever you need to talk.

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