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How to cope with gender dysphoria

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How to cope with gender dysphoria 


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Thank you for coming on to ask your question, you have been so brave to do this.  

Gender dysphoria is about feeling that the gender identity that you would like to identify by isn’t the same as when you were born, and this may result in being distressed or unhappy about this.  

It is important that you don’t feel pressurized about fitting into a particular category, be true to yourself and who you are. Gender identity is about how you see yourself and not what society sees. Feeling that you are able to show your true self is important for your emotional health also.  

Understanding who you are can take time and isn’t something you just figure out overnight, be patient with yourself and also remember that it is normal to change your mind many times about how you see yourself and your gender identity.  

If you need support or someone to talk to, consider reaching out to organisations like or (Transgender Equality Network Ireland). They offer resources and communities that can provide guidance and support as you navigate your identity. Talking to others who have gone through similar experiences can be incredibly helpful.

There are many articles on the Childline website also, which you may find helpful, including this one

Feel free to come and chat with us in Childline at anytime about how you are feeling. You can use our messaging service on, by clicking the purple messaging bubble that appears on the homepage and you can call us on 1800 66 66 66. Both of these services are open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and are completely free. We will never tell you what to do, but we will give you the space to chat openly, without any judgment. 

Thank you again for coming on and asking your question. You are not alone. 

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