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To Pat / 26 March 2020

Topic: How do you deal with the stress and anxiety of school?

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How do you deal with the stress and anxiety of school such as the pressure of work given by teachers?

From Pat / 27 March 2020


Hello, welcome to Ask Pat,

It sounds like you are stressing over schoolwork that you have been given to do while the schools are closed due to the Coronavirus.

Have you been able to talk to anybody about your anxiety, like a family member or your teachers? You would have the right to get support during this unusual time.

There are some tips for dealing with homework and revision on this website in the ‘Education and Work’ section. If you would like to talk to someone in Childline you can do so in 3 ways – freephone, 1800 66 66 66; free text, 50101; webchat, this website. There will always be somebody here to chat to you about what is going on for you.

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