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How do I stop feeling sad

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I feel really sad and I cut myself a lot and how do I stop?


Hello. Thanks for getting in touch with Ask Alex. 

Sorry to hear that you are feeling sad and cutting yourself as a result. It is a concern for your safety that you would be feeling the need to self-harm. You are very brave to come and ask for support, as this can be a difficult topic to talk about; so well done! 

You mention that you are feeling really sad. Do you know what makes you feel sad; is it one thing or a number of things? It would be important for you to get medical help to help you feel not so sad. This article may help you

It’s important to keep safe. There are ways to deal with the urge to self-harm. Some of these include delaying the action during the moments that you feel the urge, by distracting yourself. You could also put some barriers between yourself and the method of self-harm. You mentioned cutting so this might include not having any access to the items that you use to self-harm. This could be done ahead of time, so if you suspect you could feel like self-harming there are no tools around for you to use. These methods and others are talked about here on this useful webpage: 

Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone so you may consider speaking with a responsible adult in your life such as a family member, teacher, or doctor if you haven’t already, as they can offer support with how you are feeling.  

Pieta House is an organisation who offer talking support for people who self-harm. They can be called at 1800 247 247 or you can text HELP to 51444. They also have additional resources to tackle self-harm which you might be interested to learn about: 

Please note that the ISPCC’s Childline service is also available to listen to you. You can call us freephone at 1800 66 66 66 or chat online through Live Chat at Our Team are here to listen 24/7 about whatever you might wish to talk about. 

Thanks for contacting Ask Alex. Take care and stay safe. Know that there is support available for you,


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