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How do I stop binge eating

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How can I stop binge eating? 



Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with binge eating. 

Binge eating is generally seen as eating unusually large amounts of food in a short space of time. In some cases, this can include eating rapidly and even when already feeling full. Bingeing can also be accompanied by feelings of shame or being out of control. Can you relate to these characteristics? 

We would suggest that you reflect on the characteristics of bingeing, if you are finding yourself hungrier and eating more this could be expected behaviour tied to things like increased activity, growth or anxiety. The first thing that will help you come to terms with your bingeing is to gain an understanding of what is driving it. Bingeing can be rooted in genetic factors, family habits, mental health difficulties, unhealthy dieting etc. Have you found yourself more stressed lately? Is there anything going on at school or amongst your peers that could be negatively impacting your mental and emotional wellbeing?  

There are lots of supports available to help guide you if that is the case. You are welcome to contact Childline at any time for a free, confidential conversation. Both our phone service (1800 66 66 66) and our Live Chat service though are open 24/7. We would also recommend checking out Bodywhys (, which is a great resource for anything related to eating disorders. An important step for your self-care would be getting in touch with your GP, who can refer you to other supports like a dietician or psychologist if necessary. 

Some smaller steps you can take to help feel more in control of your eating include planning your meals each day and spreading them out properly. Avoid skipping meals. This will help balance your hunger levels and the predictability can help you feel more in control or empowered. You can also keep a food diary to help identify the patterns of when you binge and what is going on for you at these times. 

Confront the binge! When the urge arises to excessively eat, sit with it and think about what emotions you are experiencing at the time or just before. Try not to judge yourself, all emotions are valid and normal and the more comfortable you get with your emotions, the more in control you will feel. The urge to binge is like all feelings, it will pass. If you take the time to identify your triggers, you can remove yourself and find a distraction. Playing games, walking, meditating, reading and listening to music are some examples of distractions that could help. 

Lastly, we would recommend creating a support system. Is there a trusted friend or family member you would feel comfortable talking to? If you are going through a difficult time, talking through the experience can help reduce stress or other triggering emotions and can even help as a distraction. 

With the right approach, you can overcome binge eating and become more comfortable and empowered in your eating habits. Look after yourself and thank you again for taking the courageous step in reaching out and asking for help. 

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