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Hi, welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for reaching out to us.  

You have asked how do you live chat. If you go to the Childline website at,  click on the purple Messenger circle and send a ‘hi’ or a ‘hello’ one of our facilitators will reply to you straight away, or within a couple of minutes if the service is very busy.

Childline are always here to listen and can talk with you about your thoughts and feelings, or whatever you wish to talk about. Childline is always open, it never closes and there is always somebody there to talk to you. We can also look at what options are available for you going forward. We are here to listen on the phone at 1800 66 66 66 or on the online web chat at , mentioned above.

All Childline services are free and confidential. You never have to feel alone, Childline is always here for you, whether you would like to talk about something big or something small, or even just about how your day is going.

We hope this helps.  

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