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How do I get rid of suicidal thoughts?

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How do i get rid of suicidal thoughts


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You are welcome to Ask Alex. Thank you for posting your question.  

It sounds like you are having thoughts of suicide. Thoughts of suicide can be very difficult to manage, scary and often hard to talk about. You have been so brave to come here and ask this question.  

When you’re feeling suicidal, you might think there is nothing that can help. You might feel alone and scared and it can be hard to know what to do. But things can get better. It is important to tell someone about how you feel. Childline is always available to listen to you, support you and help you find a way through it. You can get in touch with Childline at any time of the day or night. You are very welcome to contact us on our text service, 50101, instant messaging service on our website, or give us a call on 1800 666 666. We will never ever judge anything that you say to us, and it is a safe place to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. You can also check out the Pieta House website: This organisation provides one-to-one services for those who experience suicidal thoughts; all their services are free, and you do not need a referral. 

Try to remember thoughts about wanting to end your life are just thoughts, and you do not have to act on them. Also, just because you have these thoughts now, it doesn’t mean that you will always have them. The most important thing you can do if you are having thoughts about suicide is to talk to someone. It helps to tell someone how you feel. It means you don’t have to carry the weight of it around on your own.  

There are many tools you may use to help you cope with your feelings. Have you had a think about how you have coped with these feelings in the past? You may also benefit from reaching out and chatting to people who are important to you in your life. Many of us find writing our feelings down to be helpful as it can be a great way to help us understand the situationIt can also help you to think about any potential solutions to these problems. Perhaps making a list of the things that are important to you in your life and the things you enjoy doing might help to remind you about the good things going on for you. Spending time in nature, practicing relaxation/mindfulness exercises and even having a good cry without judging yourself for it can help relieve some tension. These types of activities can help us manage difficult periods.  

You have the right to feel safe, and safe from any thoughts of suicide. There is support available to you. And always remember, you are important.  

Take care of yourself and remember to make use of any of our Childline services at any time, we are here to listen.  

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