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How do I get help


Hello there, welcome to Ask Alex!
Thank you for reaching out to us. It takes a lot of courage to even take this step, and we want you to know that you’re not alone. Many young people feel can feel unsure about how to seek help, and it’s completely ok to have mixed feelings about seeking help.
It’s important to remember that every young person in Ireland has the right to receive help and support in their life. We wonder what area it is in your life that you feel you need help in? Have you spoke to an adult in your life about this? A parent or teacher may be able to you in accessing the right support for you. 

Depending on the kind of help you might need, you can check out the Information and Advice section on our website – – where you will find many articles on lots of issues facing young people today that could help you figure out how you might get help.   

Remember, you are never alone. The Childline team is here for you, ready to support you and explore your options together. We are available 24 hours a day, every day. You can contact us for free by phone at 1800 66 66 66 or through Messenger at by clicking on the purple chat icon.
We’re here to listen, support, and help you find the right path forward. You matter, and your feelings are important. Take care, and reach out whenever you’re ready, by webchat or phone.
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