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How Do I Get Back With My Ex-Girlfriend-She Does Not Feel Safe Talking To Me

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how do i get back with me ex-gf when she doesnt feel safe talking to me anymore and all her friends hate me and all my friends hate me but a few of my friends dont but all my ex-besties dont hear me out and dont let me explain or belive me…they think i “cheated” on her but i broke up with her and i hate it i miss her i messed up so much and im losing hope on everything and idk what to do bc i still love her but im pretty sure she doesnt love me..p.sim a girl and i dated a girl im bi-sexual 


Hi, thank you for getting in touch with Ask Pat.   

 We are really glad that you reached out to us. You asked us how you get back with your ex-girlfriend and you said that she doesn’t feel safe talking to you anymore. You haven’t given us any detail as to why she doesn’t feel safe however, it is important that you respect her decision not to be in a relationship anymore even though you miss her.  

Break-ups can be really painful because even if they happen for the right reasons, we still miss people because for a time, no matter how short or long, you get used to having that person in your life. Our brain is programmed to connect with people and sends out lots of good hormones when we connect with someone. So, when that goes away, it can feel just as painful as when we physically get hurt. Like physical pain, the pain we feel from break-ups will go away to with time, distracting ourselves in a healthy way like exercising, practicing mindfulness, or carrying out our favourite hobby like reading, gaming our hurling. Relationships can be hard at times, and we have some information and advice here on how to cope when you break up with someone: 

It’s really hard when you feel that your friends don’t understand you or won’t listen to you and we wanted to let you know that Childline is always here to listen. 

 If you feel that you would like to chat about it more, then Childline is here for you, and we would really love to listen to you. At Childline we are focused on you and what is important to you. The services are free and available 24 hours a day. We do not judge anything you say. You can contact us through our telephone service by calling 1800 66 66 66, through our text service on 50101, or by web chat that you access through the website:   

Thank you again for getting in touch and we hope you found this information helpful, please contact us again if you have any other questions.   

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