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How can I increase my self-confidence

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Do you have any tips for self confidence? A lot of people tell me that others opinions don’t matter, but I find it hard to actually take that advice in public.


Hi, thank you for contacting Ask Alex.
Self-confidence can be described simply as believing in yourself and is closely linked to self-esteem, which refers to knowing our own worth and knowing that we deserve happiness and safety in life.
Having a healthy level of self-confidence can be important for our well-being. Here are a few quick tips to help boost self-confidence:
1 – Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. We are all different with varied skills, talents, and most people are better at some things than others. Learning about ourselves and exploring what we are good at can help with self-confidence. It’s important to acknowledge where we may not be very good at something but that we can accept that we have something to learn.
2 – Focus on positive relationships – Invest time with those who lift you up, treat you well, and make you happy, and spend less time with those who drag you down or make you feel bad about yourself.
3 – Stand up for yourself – Remember, it’s okay to say no if you are not comfortable with a situation, and you can be assertive and look out for your own well-being, including your mental health.
4 – Be kind to yourself – Be proud of your achievements and when you have tried. Don’t punish yourself when mistakes happen but rather try to reflect and learn from them.
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We hope these few tips can be of some use to you. Thank you for reaching out, and take care of yourself.

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