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How can I help someone who takes drugs

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what do you say to someone on drugs


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You have come to us today to ask, ‘What do you say to someone on drugs?’ This must be very hard when dealing with someone in your life who is taking drugs, so we would like to commend you for your bravery in seeking support for this.
It is important that you are safe throughout this process and that you are aware that the individual taking drugs is making their own decisions. No matter how much you would like to help, it is not something you have to or can fix. We would say that it’s important to speak to a trusted adult who can support both you and the individual you want to talk to, in understanding the effects of drugs and looking at the available supports.
There are no exact words to say to someone who is taking drugs. It is important to highlight to them how their actions are affecting you and that you want them to get support and help. Doing this when they are not under the influence would be good and important to ensure your safety while talking to them. Highlighting your concerns and giving them time to talk in a safe place is all you can really do. It is up to the individual to make the changes required to move away from drugs and get support. Your safety is a priority, and if you ever feel unsafe, it’s important to know you can contact the emergency services at 112 or 999.
Websites like and are among some of the resources that might be able to give you more in-depth information about speaking to someone close to you about drug use. You can also phone 1800 459 459. You can get information from your local GP too if you thought this might be a path you would like to explore further.
We would emphasize that whether it’s a family member or friend, by showing them that you care, you’re providing a signpost. However, this is not your issue, and you should seek support in letting it go, so that you’re not carrying something that is not within your control.
We hope that the above information is of some use to you and we commend you again for your bravery in not only reaching out for support but also in trying to help the individual in your life who has turned to drugs.
Don’t forget to look after yourself,

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