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Hi... why is the text service not going to be available anymore from 2023?

Hi… why is the text service not going to be available anymore from 2023? And also why have it changed that you don’t login to chat anymore now u don’t need account? Do you save my previous chats each time I chat or is it removed once chat ends? I know from when I had account old chats were stored…. thanks.. 


Hi there, thanks for your questions in relation to the Childline service. 

In answer to your question about the text service, the partnership with our text provider is no longer in place. Prior to it ending however, we would have noticed a decline in the number of texts coming in and an increase in online engagements.  As a result of this we recognised that the online space is where an increasing amount of young people are and so we are going to focus our energies and resources there. We understand that this might be frustrating for the young people who have used our text service. We hope that you will continue to get the support you need on 


To answer your second question, the online login changed to allow young people a quicker access to the service.  Now young people can enter through one click.  As our online service evolves, we are always looking at ways to make it more user friendly.  


Childline has a data retention policy which you can read all about under our privacy statement. This details the data we hold.  Confidentiality and privacy is always at the forefront of our practices and our focus is on each chat as it presents itself to us. 

We hope that this response answers your questions. You are very welcome to call anytime on 1800 66 66 66 or you can also use to contact us online, visit All of our services are free, available 24 hours a day and are confidential and non-judgmental.    

All the best, Alex 

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