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Welcome to the Ask Alex service of Childline by ISPCC. This is the service where young people can ask an question anonymously and receive a public answer on the Childline website. 

We get many different questions on many different topics each week and we publish the answers to a selection of those questions. If you find your question was not answered, it doesn’t mean we haven’t read it, because we read them all! It may be the case we have recently published a similar answer. So have a read through the ‘Latest Questions To Alex’ section, and you may find an answer there.

Ask Alex is not manned 24-hours. If you are in danger, at risk, need your question answered urgently, or need to speak to somebody straight away, then our Childline Listening 24-hour support service is the place to go. Our team of real people are waiting to talk to you over the phone (1800 66 66 66) or through web chat at

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We hope you are having a good day. Know you never have to go through anything on your own. We are always here for you, any time, for any reason.


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