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Hi, I come from a strictly Muslim household I’m 14 and my dad is forcing me to wear a head cover known as a hijab I really don’t want to put it due to the trauma that I’ve been through because of it because this isn’t the first time he tries to force me to it he emotionally and physically abuses me to wear it and is going to beat me if I don’t wear it what do I do do I call tve police note that I live in UAE


Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you’re going through. It takes a lot of courage to speak up about such personal and difficult experiences, and we’re here to support you as best as we can. It’s important to know that your feelings are valid, and no one should make you feel unsafe or force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with.
We understand that living in a strictly Muslim household and being pressured to wear a hijab can be very challenging, especially when it’s tied to emotional and physical abuse. Your safety and well-being are incredibly important, and feeling scared or threatened in your own home is not ok. It’s crucial to find a way to ensure your safety while addressing this issue.
Unfortunately, since Ask Alex is an Irish-based service, we are limited in our ability to advise on laws and rights in the UAE. However, it might be helpful to explore if there are similar support services available in your country. Many places have organisations dedicated to helping young people in difficult situations, and they might be able to offer more specific advice and support relevant to your context.
While our freephone service is only available in Ireland, you can still use our webchat service for emotional support. We’re here to listen and help you navigate your feelings and thoughts about this situation. If possible, try to reach out to a trusted adult or a school counsellor who might be able to provide additional support and guidance.
Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. There are people who care and want to help you. Stay strong and take care of yourself.
Warm regards,

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