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To Pat / 25 May 2019

Topic: Feel like none of my friends like me

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I have great friends. And recently I have made a few more friends and even though I have loads of good friends I still get the feeling none of them like me even though they invite me to do things with them I don’t know why?

From Pat / 24 July 2019


Many thanks for contacting us and you are very welcome to Ask Pat.

You are telling us that you have great friends and have made more friends and you get invited to do things with them but you still get the feeling that none of them like you.

It sounds like you are a popular girl with lots of friends, your friends include you in what is going on so it sounds like they are happy to mix with you.  It is okay to have feelings of mixed emotions. Would there be something in particular that triggered this feeling?  As a child you have the right to be heard which means you could chat to your friends about these feelings if you feel comfortable to do so.

The  Childline service is open 24 hours a day  at 1800 666 666 and we are more than happy to chat a little more about these feelings you have. if you feel comfortable to do so. You could also contact our text service by sending a text to 50101 and you could have your chat by text if you would feel more comfortable doing it that way.

We wish you well.

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